Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Volume Of Unreconstructed Rubbish

I thought it would rain tonight.

The skies above Brooklyn were really dark when I left the house.

To watch "Liquid Sky" with some good friends.

So, I closed the windows.

But it never rained.

It never rained.

It always rains when you don't close the windows.




Hey Doug, how you been?

Cover Star: Kendall
Headlining Band: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

1 comment:

Mockingbird Girl said...

You saw Liquid Sky last night? :::sob!::: That is one of *those* movies for me. I first saw it when I was 15, in Westport, Ct. Saw it for like the 5th time, 6 months later, right before I had my first sexual experience with a girl (someone you and I both know...). Next time you see Liquid Sky, you call me. Deal? :-)