Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Factory Girls

My two favorite quotes from the film, "Factory Girl," which were ostensibly attributed to Andy Warhol, but actually muttered by the brilliant Guy Pearce:

"I would sure love to work with her. I've never seen a girl with so many...problems."


"I don't really like to tell them what to do. I just think people are so...interesting."

It's amazing to me that no one, and I mean, NO ONE, liked this film. I always thought I would.

And tonight, I liked it a lot.

Cover Stars: Carolyn and Rebecca
Headlining Band: The Velvet Underground (from the infamous Norman Dolph acetate)


Tanya said...

I saw that movie earlier in the year on NEtflix, and i liked it, it was moving how tragic it was, and Guy def played the part well, hell i wanted to kick his ass at the end, Something about spineless men that irritate me. and how about Hayden?

Dave Levingston said...

Your photos always kick ass, so I tend to just assume they are going to be wonderful and don't say anything. But this one is beyond wonderful...just had to mention that.