Wednesday, October 22, 2008


A couple of months ago, the editor for Columbia University's new "sex" magazine contacted me to shoot five dancers for the inaugural issue. No, not those kinds of dancers, an entire dance troupe from Columbia. Three girls and two guys.

She sent me two copies of the magazine this week. It's also on-line.

Apparently the press junket started this morning as I received an email from the NY Post and a phone call from Fox News.

I'm sure Fox will spin it as a bunch of privileged students - not studying to help the world, but fucking instead (and probably bring the fact that it's Obama's alma mater into it as well) - but it was kind of cool. I just told the Fox person to credit me...

Update: No photo, no credit. Just a bunch of rhetoric. Fox!

Despite that:

I woke up today feeling this way about everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY:

"Got a lot of questions for me
You got a lot of questions for me
Got your finger pointing at me
I look for wires when I'm talking to you
You'd make a great cop"

And my kitchen is still half yellow...

...and is it bad form to leave a half painted kitchen with a butt print on the wall when you wake up and realize that you have to move out of this place within the next 30 days?


I gotta go watch "Mad Men"...

Cover Star: Kellie
Headlining Band: Fugazi


Capt Stu Beans said...

the pics online look great. did they not credit you in the print version?


ffing fox... typical. and i agree with capt. great pics as usual!