Saturday, January 03, 2009


If I could bottle up the last five days and sell them, I'd be wealthy.

Family has been amazing, friends have been awesome and my New Year's whatever was spent with someone I really dig.

Let's hope that this is a trend. Really.

I have 13 rolls of film to develop and scan from 2008:

- 5 rolls of Neopan 1600 that I will develop myself in the kitchen.
- 4 rolls of various and sundry 120 film that I will send to the lab.
- 1 roll of 400 speed that I liberated from a disposable.
- 1 roll of Kodacolor-X that I finished. It was started by my father in 1982.
- 1 roll of Kodacolor II that my father shot prior to 1982.
- 1 roll of Verichrome Pan that my father shot prior to 1982.

Wish me luck. Especially with the Verichrome.

The reason for the "old" film is that I raided my father's camera closet and "liberated" his Argus C3 rangefinder (and the film in it and in the camera case) and my mother's Kodak Duaflex. It takes 620, but you can re-spool 120 for it, which supposedly will work just fine according to that ol' Internets. Both cameras are in pristine shape.

I decided to kick off the new year with another self-portrait. Taken moments after I returned from a screening of "Revolutionary Road" at BAM tonight. After seeing some long-missed friends. While listening to "I Wanna Destroy You."

It's for Chip. And Marty. And Kim and Michael. And everyone else.
And it's supposed to be ridiculous.
What better way to start off the new year?

Levity is what I've experienced in 2009, so far. I know it won't last, but goddamn, it FEELS good.

Working on a shoot in January for an on-line fashion/erotica site. And I'm excited. More soon...

Cover Star: Moi
Headlining Band: Uncle Tupelo covering The Soft Boys


Model Sarah said...

Yes, this is ridiculous.

; )

bt said...

Happy Nude Year my the self portrait....seems to be fashionable right now (as I too was inspired in Mexico to make some self portraits).

See you soon I hope...all the best from Mrs Charles to you as well (I typed her sentiments).

The Charles'

Capt Stu Beans said...

happy new year james.

MartiniVision said...

The shot looks fucking great man! And thanks for the mention, I think.

Tanya said...

here's to new beginnings!