Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ron Asheton RIP

(Ron is wearing the red shades...)

Anybody that knows me well knows that "Fun House," when asked, IS my answer to "What's your favorite album of all time?"

The Stooges CHANGED my life. As did their guitarist.

For the BETTER. The Stooges inform EVERY photo I've ever taken, because they are a part of ME. Like a bunch of other stimuli. But The Stooges are WAY up there stimuli-wise.

Sixty years old is too young to go. I've been emailing people all over the world today about Ron passing away and we are all BEFUDDLED. Mostly at the fact that Iggy outlived him...

I am listening to Tom Sharpling's "The Best Show on WFMU" tonight and he opened with "TV Eye" as a tribute and said that Ron had done everything he was supposed to do.

INSPIRED thousands of musicians and music fans.

Nicely put.

I close with a recent version of "TV Eye."


I'm just happy that I got to see him six or seven times...and I will never forget it.

Or him.



Toby Roan said...

Popped in FUNHOUSE on the way to work this morning.

Got about 20 seconds into "Down On The Street" and had to turn it off.

bt said...

RIP Ron..the last time I saw him play was with Dark Carnival (With Niagara YEARS AGO). You know I missed him the last time around with the Iggy. Another great Michigan legend is gone.


mojokiss said...

2:40 bass player is fired.
aweosome crazy band. love it - i wanna be it. here's me playing guitar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEwX0UMtY-U