Monday, January 05, 2009

C'mon Beautiful, We'll Go Sit On The Front Stoop

Feeling all melancholy-ish today...

And it's not bad.


I have not taken a single photograph this year.
Godammit, I need to develop the rest of this film.

Cover Star: Purple Hoodie, my last shoot of 2008.
Headlining Band: Mark Eitzel, Live At The Borderline, January 17, 1991


Varvara said...



Terry Runion said...

Sometimes it is good to take a break!

carpo . animus said...

A stoop is always a good place to go sit on.

Man Man!


Jay Bowman said...

"It. Just. Is."

I get it, brother. Definitely.

You should see the growing line of film on my bookshelf that needs to go to the lab...