Monday, January 19, 2009


After the HBO season premiers of "Big Love" (a little light, but clearly setting up the "Alby" through-line) and "Flight Of The Conchords" (hilarious, but also not one of the best), we switched the channel to the "Inaugural Concert At The Lincoln Memorial" debacle.

Which was a mistake.

Why don't we learn? Who the fuck wants to see James Taylor in a stupid "I'm not bald under here" hat singing some James Taylor shit?

Not me. When will we learn?

It actually got so depressing that I had to call a car service and retreat to the comfort of my Fortress of Solitude, which is where I type from now.

I've heard a lot of shit about "change" mostly from the anti-Obama contingency, but man, if that crap I saw televised tonight was any indication...okay, not about the man himself and his intentions, but The Machine. THE MACHINE is THE MAN.

The machine. Sigh. And I didn't even stick around for U2 (none of the members actually being able to vote in this country) praising him and doing their "MLK" song. Ughhh...

I'm despondant. This is what I got.

Mayan Lee, who I was fortunate to get in front of my lens again late last year, cracks me up. A candid shot...

Oh, and thanks Cari, for having me into your home.

And it still makes me tear up a little when I see Obama. In a good way.

Two more days.

Cover Star: Mayan Lee
Headlining Band: amc


Model Sarah said...

I fucking hate U2.

That's all I wanted to say.

hypolux said...

You are feigning shock at all this, right?