Monday, January 12, 2009

Smiled Away...

"Something to look forward to" is underrated.

When is the last time you looked forward to something?


I look forward to something. Tomorrow.


I think that expectation of all things good has lost it's edge. It's about time that we all had something to look forward to, right?

Find the thing that you look forward to: whether it's a new job opporunity, a revalation, or a person that you want to spend time with.

And do it. Make it happen.
It's not hard, but it can happen, no matter what THE MAN tells you.

And when THE MAN is John Cale, go with it.

He was in The Velvet Underground, ya know...

Cover Star: Scar
Headlining Band: John Cale


m said...

cale: the noise in the pop

Tanya said...

Looking forward to something is what i live for, could be a shoot, getting home to my dogs, a vacation, a series on tv, the last piece of cake at home, getting my images off my camera, reading your blog.....

Nuno said...

I look forward to shoot like that.
I look forward to have somebody who let's me shoot him/her like that.

Lucky B. said...

Funny how you used a photo of Scar for this post since she is without a doubt one of the people I ALWAYS look forward to seeing.