Friday, November 26, 2010


I spent Thanksgiving with the BK. We had Messrs. Berry, Buck, Mills & Stipe on the jukebox all day...The IRS albums, and "Green" (minus a couple of songs) and all of "New Adventures in Hi-Fi," their last GREAT album.

Autumn always reminds me of listening to R.E.M. - perhaps it's the being from the South, perhaps it's the trees, the weather, their music - I don't know.

Autumn in Brooklyn.


Sad, but it means less to me the older I get. When my Grandmothers were alive, it was essential - I'd travel in the car an hour from my parent's house to rural NC with my family and walk into those smells, those arms that embrace you, those generations of traditions - and the food. My Grandmothers could cook their asses off. So can my Mother, but she doesn't anymore.

Autumn in Brooklyn.

All gone now.

Until I reinvent it.

There's a turkey breast in the refrigerator brining and potatoes and broccoli just waiting for hot water and the oven...

Cover Star: Doormat Face
Headlining Band: The aforementioned.

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