Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sometimes Fugazi Makes Everything Better...

Been battling a cold for the last five days that has made me hate my inner life - read: chest, head and heart.

I sweated a 'Shroud of Turin' of myself on Saturday night all over the sheets. No photos, sorry...

Avoid this if you can. Most of my friends have it.

I gave a friend of mine a gift tonight - which he wouldn't have purchased himself - and I knew that. Scalped tickets to get it for him. It's called "Life." And that makes me happy. Look it up...

Listened to Fugazi last night for, I don't know, 5 hours? And then my uptight two flights down neighbor rang my buzzer and asked me to turn 'my music' down. It was 11:45pm - late if you have to get up at 6:00am - I get it - but it wasn't that loud. It is now. "Steady Diet of Nothing" pretty fucking loud. Deal. Ring the buzzer again. I dare you...

I had the best Halloween, of perhaps, my entire life.

Does that mean anything to you, two flights down uptight neighbor? Probably not. But to me, it does.

Did you vote today? And all you Californians - Proposition 19?

Let's talk, or more importantly, let's talk tomorrow once the results are in.

A first step. And I don't even give a shit about 'the pot.' But I do give a shit about the decriminalization of it. And California is the first place to start.

And the second place to start would be Fugazi getting back together so that I can take all my friends that never saw them. And if they want to, they can smoke 'the pot' or not - Fugazi wouldn't agree with that, necessarily. Jus' sayin'...

"It's your Father's footsteps or your Mother's shoes..."

Cover Star: Isa
Headlining Band: FUGAZI

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