Friday, November 12, 2010

Why All I Want Is Something Beautiful

I wrote my Last Will and Testament today.

And authorized my Living Will and Health Care Proxy, New York State, yo!

Weird, but morbidly fulfilling. Listened to Bikini Kill the whole time.

No one is gonna put me in the ground to rot now. No one is gonna say who my shit goes to now.

I get to say. One of the greatest things about being an adult.

You get to say. As long as you are alive.

Then I went into the city and saw a bunch of good friends of mine, which affirmed the belief that no one is gonna get my shit any time soon.

Let me get rich first before you fight over it, bitches...

All of these documents are in my filing cabinet, top drawer, back and to the left, should I end up at the Dekalb subway station later tonight.

A place to rest.

Cover Star: Somna
Headlining Band: Mr. Fucking Mike Patton & Band

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