Thursday, March 01, 2007

One Hundred Women

An interesting publication from 168 2nd Avenue, NY, NY 10003.

$14.99 on the newsstands or

It's literally eight 12 page or so stories photographed by some name photographers ( Marc Baptiste, Maggie Goudsmit, Gavin Bond, etc...) of agency girls, mostly NYC agencies, although there are some from Europe.

Some of the stories/shots are good, some of them are bad. But it is interesting. In that it is nothing but an advertisement paid for (Adorama, Splashlight, LeBook, Hasselblad) publication to introduce these models and these agencies to me.

Brilliant. Useless. Crap.

Someone had a great idea.

I want to shoot for the next one - just because...

The photo is of Sherice. She could have/should have been in this magazine...

...of the "One Hundred Women" exactly 5 of them are African-American.

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Gary M Photo said...

Don't forget that they are all basically done in the same pose (standing face forward) and cropping (3/4 centered) for some reason.

But yeah, I wanna be in there, too. Think they'd accept 8 Ohio girls? I hope next time is a different pose at least.