Thursday, March 15, 2007


Things on my mind:

- Florida depresses me.

- Since Winter is almost over, Jet Blue should fly to Tallahassee, and quick...

- On Interstate 10 between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, there are some scary "Christian Right" billboards. A lot of them. My vote for the scariest said "The real Supreme Court meets up here. -God."

- Heavy Metal is the only kind of ROCK I could find on the radio. God bless (that's irony, folks) my pal Sarah for making me a brand new compilation CD.

- I am digging the Silversun Pickups song on that CD. Hard.

- I leave for 36 hours and everything goes to hell.

- I feel like I've been gone for a week.

- There are no strip clubs in Tallahassee. There are only "Bikini Bars" in Jacksonville.

- I am craving a steak. And apparently I am going to get some steak (thanks, guys!)

- Friends are important. When you can do nothing to help, just be there.

- People don't get hugged enough. And it's like a handshake. if you do it, mean it.

- Scanning negatives sucks (I think I might have mentioned that one before...)

- Retouching sucks (ditto)

- The new Chuck Klosterman book is hilarious, as are his others. The Neil Young bio "Shakey" is also great.

- I had no idea that in 1983 and 1984 when I saw Neil Young that he was completely out of his mind. Really...

- Florida depressed me.

Photo is Theda from the Taschen book. I even heard from a model that it's at the ICP bookstore today.

That's cool.


Chip said...

Glad to have you back brutha.

Things will change and turn for the better.

There is some Christian right billboards on I 71 on the way to Cincy.
One says "Hell is real"
The other one says something equally full of BS.

Too bad people believe that shit.

ohh well.

Anonymous said...

Tampa has the best strip clubs, for future reference.

BT Charles said...


The Christian billboards are hilarious!!!..and yes a bit scary.

Your photos should arrive any day...keep an eye out for them.

I know our Barns and Noble has The Big Book of Breasts, maybe they have the New Erotic Photography book as well. I may head down there and check it out.

It reminds me of once while living in California, I went into a Book Store (with an Adult Magazine section)...and a girl started screaming "my issue is issue is out"..and she wanted everyone to see her "spread" (pun intended) in the Magazine. Then she was offended when none of us wanted to buy it.

So..if you see the book in the book store...will you be tempted to tell others..."hey..I'm in that book". I did somthing similiar once at the post office...I was looking at the "most wanted" list...and an elderly lady was looking at me I said.."hey...Im in here...wanna see?"...


James...somthing must be in the of my closest friends father passed away on sunday...we had his funeral yesterday.

Sarah said...

Chip the other one says, "If you were to die today where would your soul spend eternity?" With the Ten Commandments on the back. Whatever they are.

I am shooting nude in front of these two signs soon.....

Dave Levingston said...

Great Theda photo. Theda kicks ass.

Next time you are out in the mid-west bible belt you should check out what we call the "butter Jesus" statue rising out of a pond along I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati. I keep trying to figure out how I could shoot some nudes on it...

BT Charles said...


I did shoot a photo of Jesus. Did you know the Hustler store is at the next exit? Also, I edited in a water slide coming out of Jesus' chest...with people sliding into the water..then they are getting babtized. I called it "The Bab-ti-slide". Ill try to find it and email you..pretty funny stuff.


rob said...

blogged :
James M. Graham


hellophotokitty said...

Welcome back photo J.

Hope you enjoyed your steak. Let me know where the best filet mignon is...

Speaking of beef -my last trip to nyc, I went to Silver Spurs and had a burger. I could have sworn they just lifted a slab of cow and put it on a bun, but oh so sublime.