Thursday, March 29, 2007

Will I Still Be in Your Eyes and on Your Mind?

New image taken a while ago but finished today that sorta answers my current dilemma of what the fuck to do next.


Which basically started as a reaction to World War I. So why not Dada on the eve of WW III?

You are looking at Stacy and a fish. I'm having lunch with her on Friday and she has no idea that this actually exists as of yet.

Neil Young provided the title, just as he often provides a lot of things for me. Inspiration. Grounding. History. Sheer unadulterated I don't give a fuck TALENT. Hero of mine, right up there with Iggy, and that's strong company.

"Will I Still Be In Your Eyes And On Your Mind" is from the song "Journey Through The Past." You can't buy that album on CD. You can get the vinyl on eBay, but you better have a turntable, like I do. He does however, perform it in the newly released and BRILLIANT "Live at Massey Hall 1971" record. Buy it. It's fucking amazing. And I'm talking full body goosebumps...

"When will I see you again?"


Chip Willis said...

a bit surreal?

id love to see your take on it.

Time is short

bt said...


Im digging the photo there pal. I too recently was smacked with "what to do next" least to please ME which is what counts. Thus concentrating on my Mannequin/Mask/Sureal/Distressed photos.
I like the that Nemo?


Stacy Leigh said...

I bought three fish 12 years ago at Bed Bath & Beyond and he is the last survivor...he's not Nemo though.

I am excited to see you tomorrow!!! I love your everything!

hellophotokitty said...

I love it - even thought I'm allergic to fish and anything that lives underwater.

Wonderful new direction J.

Bring it and yourself when you come to my show next week ;-)