Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wax and Wane


I went up to Sanders' and Melanie's place on the Upper East/West Side tonight to shoot Melanie for the CHAIRS series and the cat ate everything!

I've only shot one other model (Sarah, are you reading this?) more than I've shot Melanie. And she is responsible for one of my most favorite shots ever - the Statue of Liberty thing in the shower shot. And me being published by Taschen, and pretty much my career, should I choose to make it one...

But shit! This cat - man... In the shot, jealous, doing "cat pose" which is redundant I know, but come on! And he obviously ate my gamma/saturation/chroma stuff in the stuff, you know? I mean, obviously!

Anyway, I'm gonna buckle down and fix it all. Tomorrow.

Cats. Hate them all over the place, but love rubbing their little chins. And the purrs that come with that.

Immediate gratification.

I call all cats "Poops" - especially my own...

The photo is, well... you know what it is...and the title of this entry is a Cocteau Twins song. Which kicks ass in it's original form and in the Deftones' cover as well, which I am listening to right this very moment.

Cocteau. That's the next post...

(Sanders loaned me a Rolleiflex MXEVS...so more on that too...)


Sarah said...

They live on the upper WEST side silly.

That cat is the weirdest fucking cat I have ever seen... it is a dog in a cats uniform.

Tanya said...

PoopS! are you kidfing? thats what i call my Boyfriend, I'm not kidding, short for poopy. ok too much info now.

I can't wait to share more Cat terror stories with you again, All i can tell you is if it wasn't for box tape that cat would so gone already.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the fooking cat, kid. Cats are pure goodness.


theda said...

Which one? The normal kitty that hasn't figured out it's not a leopard or the leopard that hasn't figured out it's not a normal kitty? I need to invite myself over there for some pinball.

Anonymous said...

funny, I call my guinea pigs "little poops" , damn and I thought I was original.