Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Everything's Okay Now

With the photo, at least...

(Everything else in the world is phenomenally fucked up, but I'm ignoring that for the moment.)

But anyhow, here's Melanie, standing pretty, about to be abducted.

My pal, Viva aksed me, that's right, aksed me, "So how many pussycats do you have now on chairs? Going for a world's record are you?"

And I told her in no uncertain terms, "Enough to fill a used furniture store!"


I love Viva, don't get me wrong. We are LONG overdue for a dwink. That's right, a dwink.

For those geeky photographer types, I used the "Anti-Cat Plug-In" and it just automatically turned out like this...

(Don't fret, it's freeware - just Google it).

Technology rules!

Although The Baby Kitty was wary as she sat on my monitor and oversaw my actions. But after viewing the before and after, even she agreed that the plug-in was a good call.

And yes, Don, of course all cats are pure goodness geniuses...


Spud said...

Everything is perfect in the photo

Sweet Scarling said...

Beautiful work James !

Sweet Scarling

Sarah said...

Ah I love my Melanie!

Richard Goldstein said...

viva posed a valid question. just how big a space is gonna be required to house this farking exhibition?

BT Charles said...


Did you get your books?


Viva Van Story said...

haha I missed this one.. what ya doing friday night.. I need a drink.. buy you dinner too!! send me an email fucker