Friday, March 09, 2007

Ever Feel Like You've Been Cheated?

In the three hours I wasn't at home this morning UPS came and went.

Now, in order to get my books, I gotta rent a car service round-trip, go to Canarsie to the UPS joint, and get my package - prolly to the tune of $40.00 + tip.

It's times like this that I wish I still had that car I sold in 1989 - but only for about half an hour.

No, they won't send the driver back.
No, I can't pick it up before 8:30pm.
No, once you tell them you will pick it up, it won't be delivered on Monday.


The title of this blog is the last line ever uttered (by Johnny Rotten) at the last ever (original) Sex Pistols show - San Francisco, 1978. Winterland.

The photo (man, I wish I had taken it, but I don't think I was old enough) is one of the most brilliant things I've ever run across on the Internet. 'Cause it's real. And it's evil. Just like UPS.


BT Charles said...


Did you get the 12 book option? If will have (3) packages not one (2 boxes of 5..and 1 box of 2). James..the books are heavy!!! Everyone that held the book at the opening last night commented first on how heavy the book was. Take a friend or a cart with you.


Chip Willis said...

My RSS reader was dorked... I didn't realize!

Sorry man!

theda said...

that is one sexy bunny.

and i eagerly await my copy. after yer back from GA, o' course.

IranianLuvGoddess said... that bunny pic is like clown caliber scary...when I was a kid, I threw up on the easter bunny...he deserved it...