Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I am a Blind and Palsied Boy

"Knuckles the dog what a very good dog you are
You're the best dog of all the other dogs by far

Raised to run the greyhound tracks
Down on the puppy farm
Retired athlete now devoted
To protecting people from harm

Too slow to compete they sent you away
To the glue factory
Saved by a handicapped boy
Now everybody knows that boy was me

I am a blind and palsied boy
Condemned to life in this wheelchair
Other kids will not play with me
But Knuckles the dog, you were always there

Knuckles goes to the nursing home
To visit the elderly
Abandoned by their own children
Knuckles lifts them from their misery

Knuckles the dog what a very good dog you are
You're the best dog of all the other dogs by far

Knuckles the dog won't hunt
He respects all forms of life
Dying now in my arms
To save me he bravely gave his life

Put down by an assassin's bullet
That was meant for me
Knuckles the dog who helps people
Now you are forever free

Knuckles the dog what a very good dog you were

Knuckles the dog
Knuckles goes with you
When you explore

Just pull his leash
He'll go for a walk
He's your dog
For sure

Knuckles the dog what a very very good dog
Very good dog
You were"

The entry is Killdozer's "Knuckles The Dog Who Helped People" which is out of print as are most things good. Killdozer was a great band from Madison, WI that had some Butch Vig ties early on. They were great live – I mean I think I saw them at the Fallout Shelter in Raleigh – right? 1987? Maybe I just thought about it…lost years…

Anyway, back to Knuckles. It's a sad story, but life affirming in a Lassie kinda way.

I believe that animals (domesticated ones - NOT that stingray that rightfully took out that Animal Planet wacko) can actually "love" you. Raise your eyebrow if you must, but the Baby Kitty is looking at me lovingly right this second. Of course it is exactly 13 minutes until dinner time...

The photo is Naama, who is an exception to the out of print rule. She is better than good and still in print...


Anonymous said...

"Knuckles the dog won't HUNT"

"To save me HE bravely gave his life"

listen to WFMU, lately?

- kevin j. (DC)

James M Graham said...

Thanks, Kevin, for the corrections. I was transcibing the live version on "The Last Waltz" and there was some wine...

You called it - I heard Bill's scary cover during pledge week and pulled out all the ol' 'Dozer records...

Thanks for reading...