Friday, July 27, 2007

Been Down So Godamned Long

That's Jim Morrison from the new "The Doors: Live in Boston 1970" CD I'm a listenin' to.

There are a couple of truisms in this world that if people say they don't agree with, they are lying.

"Fart sounds are funny" is a good example. If ANYONE ever says to you that fart sounds are not funny, they are LYING.

Here's another now that you know where I'm coming from:

"Everybody wishes they were Jim Morrison, or that they could fuck him, or both, even if just for a second."

I should be hearing crickets, dig?

This is a cross-section of me, taken during the CT Scan.
I'm lying on my back and you're looking down through me from my head to my feet. That's my spine at the bottom, my kidneys, and my intestines.

Supposedly, everything is "fine."



theda said...

... that it look like up from here.

i'm pretty sure i just wanted to fuck jim morrison, not be him. it might be exclusively a chick thing.

oh, and nice intestines.

James M Graham said...

Theda, I have amended said post per your response, as you are correct.

No surprise there.

bt said...

Me thinks Me see's your testicles.


Chip said...

LOL, I knew someone would go here...

Deez Nutz.....


You realize there is some wierdo amusing himself with your innards right about now?

Reby said...