Monday, July 30, 2007

This Is How It All...Ends...

Juliet, about 30 minutes before the final - and I mean it, the FINAL - CHAIRS shot.

I have 29 and thought I was done. It's an odd number, which I was cool with, but it also sorta bothered me.

When I was hanging out with Juliet last week talking about stuff, I mentioned that she wasn't a part of the CHAIRS series even though I've worked with her since 2004.

Today we both decided that she would be Number 30, and that would be it.


The title of this entry comes courtesy of Pete Townshend from some live footage of The Who in "The Kids Are Alright" the best damn rock damn movie of all time.

Pete is pure rock 'n' roll.

So is Juliet. I cannot think of a more fitting end.


bt said...

I love this photograph and every thing about it!!! Fantastic.


theda said...

but you haven't shot me on a chair. so you can't be done.

unless i can be the first in your "models in sinks" series. or "stuff on models." or "models that look like hitler."