Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Shit, Vol. XXIX

- My girl and I saw the Macy's July 4th Fireworks last night from a friend's roof deck in Greenpoint that literally had us "under" the fireworks. And by "under," I mean that the roof deck was a block and a half from the East River and the three barges that set them off. I'm not a big fan of a) the Fourth of July and ALL of it's patriotic SHIT, and b) fireworks; seen them once, seen them a thousand times. BUT this was different. When they exploded they were in your face, literally. And your body felt the shockwaves. And when they were visible, you could hear the sizzle. Thanks Charlie!

- Digitized the entire Roxy Music catalog today as a project, including the two newer live albums, the "Manifesto" tour and the "Avalon" tour, and the single version of "Jealous Guy." Not a bad note in the bunch - and I sure said somethin’ there!

- Currently having a nice Domaine Monte De Luz Tannat, 2006, from Uruguay. I've been to Uruguay. What if you could only drink wine from countries you've been to? I could also drink French, Argentinean, Chilean, and a bunch of USA swill. Shit, I gotta get myself to Australia!

- The new series is "White Light." The first series, "Rooms" has been retitled, "No Vacancy." The second series is still titled "Smudge." And the first series to hit a gallery will be "Chairs." Then there's the "Bunnies" series. Does this make sense to anyone but me? Titles are stupid.

- Check out Aeric's photoblog down there to the right. Aeric posts a picture a day and titles it with a song title. A picture a day, people! You think you know music? Wander through a little of Aeric's photoblog and challenge yourself. I learn stuff about songs I never knew, remember stuff about songs I've forgotten about, and celebrate Aeric's fantastic musical depth. He's also one of my favorite living photographers. And he lives several blocks from me here in Brooklyn, and that rocks the fat ass.

- I gotta pay the IRS a bunch of money in a settlement for my past multimedia business transgressions. Then it's over. As long as I keep paying them income tax every year - and, oh, since I'm self-employed, those damn quarterly payments every fucking three months. Look, here's my deal - I earned it, I should be able to keep it. It does nothing except fund the Federal Reserve Bank and A WAR THAT I WOULDN'T WALK ACROSS THE STREET TO FUND, so...hmmm, hey, IRS guys? What if I sent you a bunch of signed limited edition prints of some boobies and you guys just looked the other way? What do you say?

- This Roxy Music is REALLY GOOD!!! Seriously, when's the last time you listened to "Out of the Blue" off of "Country Life" ??? Speaking of which, I always thought it would be cool to do my own take on all of the Roxy Music album covers....but then I looked at them again and realized that they are perfect.

- An elephant-sized gob of steroid seems to have mostly taken care of my sciatic pain and lower back problems, which I don’t totally understand, except in a "Six Million Dollar Man" kind of way (they rebuilt me). Although, I'm not sure I could sprint if a huge concrete chunk from a building was falling on me on 28th street and I definitely don’t make that na-na-na-na-na sound that Steve Austin did...

- I have no shoots scheduled although there are some that I have to reschedule. I suppose...

- I'm seriously thinking of going down to Chapel Hill on the 31st to see Stan Ridgway, who is touring to promote the 20th Anniversary of Wall of Voodoo's "Call of the West." I saw them 20 years ago with Toby (see link at bottom right) and it only seems fitting that we see "it' again. The Cat's Cradle is a great place to see a show - join us! I know all sorts of great drinkin' joints down there...not to mention The Char Grill!

- Lorraine. The final "Chairs" shot. If you could see it big, she's wearing a tiarra and the beer is Brooklyn lager. Damn right!


aeric said...

i don't know, man. i think doing "covers" of roxy music album covers is a great idea - especially because you feel they're perfect. that just makes it more of a challenge. i'd love to see what you'd do with that. why steal from something you think is lame?

and thanks for plugging my blog. 'preciate it.


Tanya said...

Dude, my bf just became self employed a few months ago, and just found out about those quarterly payments, lets just say he wan't a steady gig now ;)

i love titles of series, better yet it's my favorite part after viewing the final images.

hmm are you on predinsone?

see ya soon