Monday, July 02, 2007

New Series?

My friend Autumn (see link to right) wrote, asking me if it was. My friend Marty wrote, saying, "Diggin The Hell Outta the New Series!"

A couple of months ago after completing all of my "projects," I decided to just shoot organically - to wing it - to go commando. To only work with models I already knew or ones that I determined would work well in this manner.

Let the next thing happen, if it happens, when it happens.

Well - I was out in Seattle with Rich, and after being on the set of a formal editorial shoot by my friend Leo, I asked one of his agency girls if she would like to shoot with me. She agreed and Rich and I saw an opportunity to shoot together in a situation that we'd always talked about doing: my lighting, my locations, "my" model - and both of us would shoot. Cool!

So we shot Stacee, both Rich and I tag teaming and switching off - me lighting, moving the girl, Rich shooting his shots in my set-up.

The end of the shoot was to be this highly orchestrated shot of her half-naked, collapsed in the stairwell of our hotel, head down, holding her bra in her hand - dead fashion victim, very Helmutty. So, after determining that there were no cameras in the stairwell (terrorists take note!) and unscrewing the fluorescents (thanks Andy!) I returned to the room. Rich was just finishing up with Stacee in my last set-up with her on the edge of the bed, when he asked her to stand up in front of my soft-light. He then moved around and shot straight into the light.

Well, Rich, I stole it, and I've done the same thing now, for the last 6 or 8 shoots.

I don’t know if it’s “a series” just yet, but I’m liking what I’m seeing…

Thanks, buddy.

Meagan from Utica doing her best "White Light, White Heat."

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