Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Six Thousand Dollar Man

This is the front part of my top left molar, 3rd from the back. It came out last night during a lovely dinner at a new restaurant here in lower Park Slope/upper Sunset Park/east Windsor Terrace. I think the filling came out first (swallowed it?) and then the front part of the molar just snapped away right in a tasty mouthful of my buttermilk-fried chicken.


It certainly wasn't the chef's doing (although the chicken not being entirely done falls squarely into his lap!) and it wasn't even like I was chewing gum or crushing ice (which I have a tendency to do, just like my Dad). It just cracked and fell out.

So let's think about this. In the past six weeks, I have need for:

- New sciatic nerve
- New stomach
- New tooth

Total cost to fix me, including the insurance covered expenses (HIP sucks), is probably up around the $6k mark.

But I am not necessarily better. I am not necessarily stronger. I definitely can't run faster.

Steve Austin, I ain't.

Things happen in threes, so perhaps I’m done now.

Off to the dentist…

ps - the texture behind the tooth parts is what moleskin looks like magnified and scanned. Pretty cool, hunh?


The Pin-Up Poet said...

Bionic is so cool...everyone loves robots.

xo a

Iris Dassault said...

Chicken with a crunch, eh?
Good thing you didn't swallow :o)

I can relate, maybe not to the severity of what you just experienced, but I started to think I'm falling apart as well on the brink of my 37th birthday. I ended up with 6 stitches in my finger (the same finger I butchered around Dirty) and a crown on one of my molars just last week.

Hang in there, but not to the point of pulling a muscle ;)

Stacy Leigh said...

Poor are worth every one of those 6000 dollars and then some.

I think enough is enough- time for the healthy phase.

: )