Monday, July 16, 2007

A Snap of Electric Whipcrack

Nerves are weird.

Saw "Sicko" and I think it's Mr. Moore's best film. Not "left" - not "liberal" - just true. And really, really depressing and sad.

My girl and I are thinking of moving to France. Or at least a second residence there. Our place in Brooklyn is flat out amazing and well, we could rent it out on Craigslist when we are in the land of the escargot (which I happen to LOVE).

But before we do that....

I gotta get some work.

Hire me.

I can walk now.

Title is from Lee Ranaldo's phenomenal "Hey Joni" off of Sonic Youth's seminal album "Daydream Nation." Which they will be performing in it's entirety here on July 28th to celebrate it's 20th Anniversary. I'll be there. I first saw them on the "Sister" tour at The Brewery in Raleigh, NC. I actually did not go to the "Daydream Nation" show in either Sommerville, MA or Raleigh because I was having a bad year. I did see The Cure on the "Disintegration" tour twice though...


Natsuko, from my one-off "Dead Girl" series, which is exactly 4 photographs in length.

I should kill more.


bt said...




Chip said...

I am loosely thinking Paris next summer.

If all goes well over the next 2 weeks, then I may be onto something.

Goals brutha, Goals.

And to dinner in Paris with our amazing women.