Thursday, July 12, 2007



As of 1:28 a.m.
• U.S. intel warns al-Qaida has rebuilt
• Lady Bird Johnson dies at 94
• Uneasy GOP senators beseech Bush on Iraq
• British PM Brown acknowledges failures in Iraq planning
• U.S. regulators clear airline Virgin America for August takeoff
• Boy band mogul Lou Pearlman faces fraud trial in Florida
• S.D. has first execution in 60 years 48 min
• Murder called motive in pizza bomb plot
• Radical mosque searched for booby traps
• Iraqi civilians join raid on al Qaeda base
• GOP senators losing patience over Iraq
• Nintendo issues Wii warning
• Bogus firm faked nuke license, report says
• Pipeline attack closes Hershey's and Honda
• Bush orders lawyer to defy subpoena
• Dr. suspended after liposuction deaths
• America's gas price guru on what's to come
• Sexy photos kick off Beckhams' invasion
• Flynt motivated to expose hypocrisy
• Fat rant exposes a few myths

Picture is of Meagan, somebody that matters...


Chip said...

That is about the size of it BFAM!

Tune that shit out and concentrate on the Girls.

Well, you can't tune it out totally. At some point there might be the need for mass protests, so you have to pay attention some.


Stacy Leigh said...

I am in love with that model! The cleft in her chin is perfection!

I hope your back is doing better today.