Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I was reminded of some things today:

I was reminded that people only remember the bad times, never the good times. I was reminded that some people are relentless despite the law. I was reminded that if you don't make square with people, no matter how bad times are, especially involving money, they will fuck you, insult you and generally try to make you feel poorly. They will bring up death and debt - all for the sake of guilt in an effort to make you do something you physically cannot. I was reminded that some people cannot separate the personal from the business, no matter how highly you will always think of them.

I was reminded that I am not always right.

I was reminded how scary it is to be without anything, temporary or not - terrifying. I was reminded that one's real friends understand and always offer support. I was reminded that you can never escape your ghosts.

I was reminded how people squander opportunity that you offer them. I was reminded of the unprofessionalism of "Internet Professionals" (x2). I was reminded how human beings always wait until the last minute for fucking everything. I was reminded how sticky this city is in the Summer. I was reminded that I have no idea what to do next.

I was reminded that I need to go back to work, and I mean my work. I was reminded how landlords tend to want their money by the 5th of the month. I was reminded how great my overpriced neighborhood was when the blue-haired girl at the wine shop told me where to get the two-for-one Camel Lights. I was reminded how I underestimate the Joy Division fans in my neighborhood (parents of babies and "New Dawn Fades"? I think not...) when I went to rent "Control" and all the copies were gone.

I was reminded how fragile life is when I found out that Jim Jones, the off-and-on again guitarist for Pere Ubu, passed away on February 18th from a heart attack. I was reminded of the weekend that Jim spent with me in 1999, driving me all around Cleveland showing me every place that touched Ubu and that Ubu touched so that I could photograph them all. I was reminded of the photo I took of Jim taking a photo of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, a place where I doubt Ubu is represented.

I was reminded how bad it is to fuck up your knees and your glasses in the same day - blind and crippled, but all worth it.

I was reminded how great a photographer my friend Lauren is when I saw her black and white photos of Presley Roan and Billy Zoom at The Cat's Cradle, just last week, with me standing right behind her.

I was reminded how great a photographer my friend Michael (see link to the right) is when he presented me a signed print of a hotel in Tunisia, for my living room wall. Much needed.

I was reminded that life repairs itself, one day at a time, with little setbacks and speed-bumps, which call out to us to be patient and just let it happen. Or make it happen. Or something. Or not.

I was reminded how much I love this shot of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones from The Clash and Allen Ginsberg. I miss Joe and Mr. Ginsberg, even though he was kinda mean to me once in Providence, Mr. Ginsberg, that is. Regardless, I wish I'd taken it even though it's not really my style, but man, look at Joe's face. I stoles it from da Interwebs via this wonderful blog from fellow Brooklyn resident Ted Barron.

While reading Ted's blog, I was reminded that I am a record geek at heart, or as my boy Toby (see link to the right) and I have always said - "record boys."

I was also reminded how much I love this shot of Naomi and my "rare" Blondie 12".

I did take this one.


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Anonymous said...

That's the best writin' you've done lately James

The Pin-Up Poet said...

I miss you, James Graham! I've been meaning to call you all week. But I am in a vortex of post-travel distractions.

You would flip over the buildings in Berlin...

We need to make an appointment to catch up, okay?

xo a

Sarah said...

You should end this post with; 'THE END'

theFstopshere said...

if i can offer this modification...real friends offer love and support even when they don't understand...
an otherwise all around groovy posting...

and i will always fucking envy your hair.

Ted Barron said...

hi james.

thanks for the link.

you reminded me of a lot of things or maybe i was already thinking about them...

send me an email "off-blog"