Sunday, June 08, 2008

There Is a Certain Grace in Self-Destruction

I was gonna title this one "When the Routine Bites Hard" but then I woulda lost my proverbial bet with Lauren...

Another shot of Angela Ryan. I really tried to do something different with her. And I think we did (thanks, Anna!).

Skirt stolen from Meagan Marie. Thanks, baby...

I leave you with this dose of brilliance. Criminally out-of-print...

"Terminal Island" by Falling james and The Leaving Trains.

"Because I've already drowned in your eyes
Always left behind
I was planted in a field of depression
Just keeping an eye on the crows

Hello runway coming down
We can't hide in the underground

I've always loved you from afar
Overseas floats China on a raft of air
Maybe we'll be here tomorrow
A terminal island always surrounds us

There was a dance floor on the navy base
A kick under the table and a brush against your arm
Grey ships, stretching steeples rising from the bay
There is a certain grace in self-destruction..."


Sarah said...


Lauren is gloating. I'm not sure if that is due to her being a sap lately or the wine.

; )

hypolux said...

Like I said in the email preceding that phone call I never got - sometimes you just gotta do fucked up things...Right now, there's only so much I can gloat about - but thats neither here nor there......for the time being.

And Sarah can shut the hell up...a little Riesling never hurts ;)