Thursday, June 12, 2008


Shit. Lauren wins. Again...

6am up for corporate client video shoot this morning, me directing.

Driven to and from New Jersey.

Nuff said.

Saw Marko and Smiph tonight. Hadn't seen Smiph in quite some time. And she was right, she was a totally different Smiph. Listened more, talked less, still cute way around that.

The three of us talked about our common mentor and how he has this astonishing way of putting everything, no matter what, into perspective. A producer's nightmare, he.

I'ma gonna try to get up to see him next week, finances willing.

Came home to Joy Division's "Preston 28 February 1980" in the mailbox and it's almost through it's first play right now.

Thanks, Chris. I didn't even know it existed a week ago.

Marko and I late one night at his place being really fucking serious. With beers held tightly in synch. Probably, the seriousness was about Joy Division. Or something just as important. Like The Smiths.

Courtesy (and copyright) Cari.

Check out Marko's link to the right, He's one of the good guys...

...."Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the radio."



hypolux said...

Zen Arcade, please.

...and btw, I fuckin' hate your answering machine.

Cari said...

I want more than a mention (and copyright). I want cash. Like $1.