Monday, June 16, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

Steely Dan. The band. Not the dildo from "Naked Lunch." Ironic, esoteric motherfuckers. Easy on the ears but lyrically challenging.

They got by the man. And do everyday when they get played on the AOR stations.

Fagen and Becker's songs are about excess, heroin addiction and debauchery.

Set to swinging radio-friendly vibes.

From Wikipedia:

"It was originally speculated that the song was written about the Wake Forest University Demon Deacons, but in a Rolling Stone interview, Donald Fagen said "Walter and I had been working on that song at a house in Malibu. I played him that line, and he said, "You mean it's like, 'They call these cracker assholes this grandiose name like the Crimson Tide, and I'm this loser, so they call me this other grandiose name, Deacon Blues?' " And I said, "Yeah!" He said, "Cool! Let's finish it!""

And don't even get me started about "Doctor Wu" - their heroin dealer...and a reference from the excellent James Coburn James Bond rip-off film "Our Man Flint."

And they gained total indie cred when the Minutemen covered it on "Double Nickles on the Dime" way back when.


Did I mention that the name of the band was the name of a dildo in William Burroughs' "Naked Lunch?"

I probably mentioned that before...there's a theme here...

Very few people know that. But hats off to Fagen and Becker.

They are playing the Beacon Theatre here this week.

I won't be attending. But a bunch of dildos will be...

Natsuko. She's my Doctor Wu...sans heroin.

"This is the day
Of the expanding man
That shape is my shade
There where I used to stand
It seems like only yesterday
I gazed through the glass
At ramblers
Wild gamblers
Thats all in the past

You call me a fool
You say its a crazy scheme
This one's for real
I already bought the dream
So useless to ask me why
Throw a kiss and say goodbye
I'll make it this time
I'm ready to cross that fine line

I'll learn to work the saxophone
I'll play just what I feel
Drink scotch whisky all night long
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the crimson tide
Call me Deacon Blues

My back to the wall
A victim of laughing chance
This is for me
The essence of true romance
Sharing the things we know and love
With those of my kind
That stagger the mind

I crawl like a viper
Through these suburban streets
Make love to these women
Languid and bittersweet
I'll rise when the sun goes down
Cover every game in town
A world of my own
I'll make it my home sweet home

This is the night
Of the expanding the man
I take one last drag
As I approach the stand
I cried when I wrote this song
Sue me if I play too long
This brother is free
I'll be what I want to be."

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