Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guided By Voices

When I have a bad day, Bob makes me feel better. Currently listening to "Same Place The Fly Got Smashed" and I feel better already. Lo-Fi for sure, but sometimes Lo-Fi genius is WAY better than Hi-Fi anything.

Appropriate. The right tool for the right time and the right sound and the right frame of mind.

Ever been to the Brooklyn Naval Yard's NYPD Tow Pound? I went twice today. Yep. Twice.

And it was completely and utterly MY FAULT.

New York City: when it works - like when you have a carbon monoxide leak, etc - it's fucking impressive. When it doesn't work - like when your car gets towed and you have to deal with slovenly city employees who would rather you just die than help you - it's a bureaucratic nightmare.

And it will fuck up your whole day.

At least it was ten degrees cooler today. At least it was a system with few rules, which after a while, surrenders your car to you, so you can illegally park again. At least my client didn't fire me for not showing up to work today.

Everything is fine. Everything is alright. Just like Pete's "kids."

Here's another take on the previously seen skirt and the grey wall. This is Sara Banks from Ontario. Make-up and hair and skirt by the aforementioned Meagan Marie.

We work well together under any circumstance.

Gotta go - Bob's singing about something like this:

"For Chrissakes, Charley
Send them your love
Pictures from happier times
When babies acted like babies
So did the grown-ups
The band played "We All Fall Down"
And some of us did..."

The opening stanza from "Skin Parade" - check it out.

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spindl said...

Sara Banks!!! I want her. :P