Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Opiate Of Blame

Once again, and I am so tired of reiterating this:

Don't believe anything you read here. Don't make a correlation between my drivel and your real life. Or mine. Don't assume anything. The pictures do not have anything to do with the words. The words are just that. Words. And most of them of late aren't even mine. And the pictures? Well, I took 'em...and that's about it.

Oh, and all of you, have a wonderful fucking Wednesday.


"Nothing left to say
And all I've left to do
Is run away from you
And she let me on down
With secrets I can't keep

Close your eyes and sleep
Don't wait up for me
Hush now don't you speak to me

Wrapped my hurt in you
And took my shelter in that pain
The opiate of blame
Is your broken heart, your heart, your heart

So now, I'm all by myself
As I've always felt
And I'll betray my tears
To anyone caught in our ruse of fools

One last kiss from me...yeah
One last kiss good night...

Didn't want to lose you once again
Didn't want to be your friend
Fulfilled a promise made of tin
And crawled back to you

I'm all by myself
As I've always felt
I'll betray myself
To anyone, lost, anyone but you

So, let the sadness come again
On that you can depend on me, yeah
Until the bitter, bitter end of the world, yeah
When god sleeps in bliss

And I'm all by myself
As I've always felt
And I'll betray myself
To anyone "


hypolux said...

nice pressure control

electric flashes of light said...

I don't believe a thing you say. I just like reading your words and looking at your pictures.