Monday, September 29, 2008

"When, When We Were Young

We Had No History
So, Nothing To Lose
Meant We Could Choose
Choose What We Wanted Then
Without Any Fear
Or Thought Of Revenge
But Then You Grew Old
And I Lost My Ambition
So I Gained An Addiction
To Drink And Depression
They Are Mine
My Only True Friends
And I'll Keep Them With Me
Until The Very End..."

An except from one of my all time favorite musical compositions.

Dropped out for a while this week. Felt good. Pretty much cut communication off with everyone and everything and hibernated.

And not in a nihilistic manner, in a positive one.
I ate well, exposed myself to culture (watched "The Shining" again), and listened to some incredible music (Team Sleep, et al...), and hung out with some very good friends (Debate Night party at my crib).

You gotta do it, every now and again.

You have to choose what you want. Now.

Carly on her couch. I chose the shot, she obviously chose the couch...

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mojokiss said...

was she sitting there watching you the entire time you were watching the shining?