Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There's Silk Everywhere

"Only Shallow"

If anyone knows, and I mean REALLY knows the lyrics to this song, please send them to me. And that includes you, Kevin Shields. I have always been able to decipher about 3/4 of them but the other 1/4, well, are mumbled and mixed so far under the noise, they are indecipherable.

AND I am deaf now, thanks to you beautiful assholes on Monday night, so trying again today to figure the lyrics out has proven fruitless.

Did you say something?

An outtake shot of Cristi from the infamous "wet hair session." She's nervous about these, but was a good sport. I think they are magnificent. And it's the last roll of film I ever shot...ever.


Mockingbird Girl said...

Cristi has nothing to be nervous about. Both the image and Cristi are absolutely bloody beautiful.


Peter said...

I think the lyrics are something like this:

Sleep like a pillow
Downward and
Where she won't care

Soft as a pillow
Touch her there
Where she won't dare

Sleep like a royal subject here
Think that you grew

Speak your troubles
She's not scared
Soft like there's silk

Sleep is a pillow
Why don't you go there
Where she won't dare

Look in the mirror
She's not there
Where she won't care

James M Graham said...

I "googled" them too and I'm just not convinced that's what she's saying...

...listen to the "Royal Subject" line - she says something else...

But then, again, my ears are fucked up.

Anonymous said...

see but i fuckin love this shot