Monday, November 24, 2008

Everyone Moves Too Slow, Guaranteed

Spent the afternoon and evening with my dear friend Sita.
She wanted real NYC pizza. So I took her to Lombardi's.
We waited outside in the cold for half an hour before they let us in. Sunday afternoon, 5pm.

Worth it.

Then a walk though SoHo to the (closed) film lab and down to the wine store and then over to Toad Hall where we sat for hours and shared. And talked and laughed.

I pick friends really well.

Last night she had a "party" at The Slipper Room.
I was dressed to the 9's and was "on."

First time in a long time. Thanks, Stu.

Cover Star: Anna
Headlining Band: STT


Cristi said...

did she play you in pool and kick ass??

..because SOMEONE has to.

Stacy Leigh said...

ahh, Lombardi's. I have great history there being an Italian from Brooklyn. two years ago when I still lived in Midtown, the hubby and I walked from 38th st. and 3rd Ave. over the brooklyn bridge to Brooklyn, just for some Lombardi's...We waited about 40 minutes (he cherry picked us early to be seated!).

The pizza is still the same, sweet sauce and perfect! And we ended up walking back over the bridge home to midtown.

It was an awesome day.

Capt Stu Beans said...

james, im glad you had fun. diversions with friends are the shit these days. we need more.

and then...a second helping.

Chris is right....if you keep looking so good, none of us will ever get laid again. fucked up man.

Model Sarah said...

Sita is wonderful.

I miss her.

Varvara said...

I don't like this picture.