Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Smoke Is A Ring But You'll Grow

I love the Fall. The season, I mean (ok, I like the band, too). Last night, to attend a Photo Editors conference at FIT, I pulled out the cashmere Calvin Klein long grey overcoat for the first time. I felt complete and warm.

After taking some friends (ok, insisting that we go) to Mustang Sally's (Hi, Rich!), I was all bundled up on the long ride home on the 2 train and feeling good. Really good. Which was noticeably odd, as I haven't felt that way since last November.
One year.

The leaves on the sidewalks of Park Slope are all yellow and crinkly. My mother would love to see them.

Her birthday is in two weeks as is my late Grandmother's. Thanksgiving.

The hat shoot has commenced and will continue over the next week.

And I was right: It didn't say a damn word as I was directing it last night...

...of course, it didn't sign a release either.

Cover Star: The Hat
Headlining Band: Shudder To Think


Chip Willis said...

I don't know if I could ever do a photo like that man! hehe. My "Hat" is off to you!

Capt Stu Beans said...

is that the hat? u sexy bitch, can I come over with MY camera. you just wear the hat. nothing more. lol

god im horny now.

Rebecca Lawrence said...

Despite the geographical distance, you were the life of the party last night!

Mockingbird Girl said...

Remind me to tell you about Mustang Sally's...