Sunday, November 09, 2008

You Chew A Little Foil

Shopping at B&H tomorrow for portable flash accessories, and then I'm gonna shoot the fuck out of that hat. As I told my downstairs neighbor tonight (who was asking me if I might want to shoot a "model" apartment for her real estate business) the hat will not talk back. The hat will not blink. The hat will not say "I don't feel good" and the hat will not need to go to the bathroom.

The shot above is not of a hat. The shot above is of an agency model in Seattle back in May of 2007 that trusted me and wanted to do something a little different. The shot involved me and two "assistants" who took the fluorescent bulbs out of the stairwell lights in a hotel, ran electricity down the hall for my lighting and acted as lookouts. The shot took about two minutes. I love it. I keep hoping that she'll move to NYC and sign with an agency so that I can shoot her all the time. Although, I have access to a lot of talent here...

...but I fell in love with her a little bit. Professionally, of course.

Sunday night in the universe, music up loud, glass of wine and submitting photos to exhibitions across the country.

Making. Stuff. Happen.


And no more Obama hating on my blog, ok? He's here for four years, motherfuckers. Let's make the best of it...

Cover Star: Stacee
Headlining Band: Shudder To Think


gary griffin said...

i like to read that you're making stuff happen.
you are way too talented to be not making stuff happen.
i wish to see your brooklyn...maybe in february/march?

i heart obama.


Model Sarah said...

the hat wont want to drink wine with you either.

; )

hypolux said...

viva la hat(e)