Friday, November 14, 2008

The Truth, It Wears Sharp Clothes

I was given a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye by my downstairs neighbor.

It was modified by camera genius Sanders.

I shot a roll. Color.

Focus is still a problem, as is the grime on the lens, etc...

But man, this is fun.

It just goes "click."

And I have to deal with it.

And once again, I am reminded that I just love taking photographs.

Cover Star: CRG
Headlining Band: Shudder To Think


Sanders said...

Fantastic color. I might
have hacked it but you
brought it to life.

gary griffin said...

grime is your friend...

bt said...

A different tool...same genius mind...a James Graham photo without question.

I think you have somthing here keep shooting.


Anonymous said...

This is a nice direction.

Oh and thanks very much for the blog. My daily inspiration for music and art. I appreciate your effort.

Capt Stu Beans said...

i like how you just happen to get a camera, and boom....theres a woman in front of it.

yer like....a magician! (or some crazy super hero with a magical hat)

imma start old camera wars with you. imma pick my poison at dad's house 2nite. heheheh