Friday, November 28, 2008

Safe Inside The Covers And Freezing

One year ago, things changed drastically. Black Friday. I think I had a doctor's appointment regarding my stomach, then I bought two pairs of shoes, neither of which I've ever worn. I saw the Richard Prince show at the Guggenheim. I wandered around in the photography section of The Strand, aimlessly. Lower Manhattan seemed empty and desolate and grey even though it was covered with the greedy throng of shoppers. Can't remember what I did that night, but it probably wasn't healthy. A mercy call to a good friend or two. Maybe I just ordered food and fell asleep in front of static, cat waking me up at 4am...

I was invisible.
A year ago.

Compare and contrast: New friends, new lovers, new acquaintances, a whole new body of work photographically. More heartbreak, some joy, some new music to fall in love with and the death of loved ones. Strengthening friendships to the point that there are some that I feel are amongst my best now that weren't then, necessarily.

Turmoil, exhilaration, pain and insight.
God, I hope there's been insight.

Better place now, for a number of reasons, but ultimately I made them happen, with help. Control from complete and utter chaos.

The big first step. And up the ladder I go...visible again. With a pretty good pool game to boot.


THE HAT project is almost complete. A little tweak left on one of the shots and it is money. I cannot thank THE HAT enough. These are tough times and sometimes one needs the intervention of THE HAT. Now if I could just get a job shooting SOME HATS each month...

So, if you are A HAT and you need photos, please contact me through my website.

That's all for now. Don't buy anything tomorrow, especially two dumb pairs of shoes...or a hat.

Cover Star: Bloody Light Switch
Headlining Band: Team Sleep


Model Sarah said...

I talked to you that day.

Shoes still suck.

; )

Varvara said...

I like this switch...