Friday, November 07, 2008

It's Not About Compromise...

It's a rare thing when you see a band on the same tour three times and they are phenomenal each time. A rare thing, indeed.

I saw The Gutter Twins tonight at The Warsaw in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was the next to last show of their year-long tour. I saw their very first live show ever, which was in Manhattan, and then about six months ago they came through and played Manhattan again.

The first show was sloppy, but great (there is a review of it somewhere on this mess I call a blog). Their second show was more tight and Greg and Mark traded vocal duties - sometimes even singing each others parts. And they started adding covers - Massive Attack's "Live With Me" and the traditional "St. James Infirmary" being the most outstanding.

Tonight it was more intimate. Two microphones, Greg and Mark side by side, and the band in the background, almost hard to see. They did plenty from "Saturnalia," several from their new covers EP "Adorata," three off of Mark's masterpiece, "Bubblegum," and a bunch of Twilight Singers stuff too.

But the gem of the evening was a cover of Dulli's former Afghan Whigs' "When We Two Parted" which brought the fucking house down.

That evil little fucking song holds a very special place in my black little heart.

Greg is 43 and Mark is 44.

Mark is just like me and sorta like Obama. And Greg is not far behind...

My favorite moment from the show tonight: When Dulli put on his sunglasses and asked "How do I look?" And everyone laughed really loud.

He could stand to lose about 30 pounds.
Jus' sayin'.

Cover Star: "Hurricane" Rebecca
Headlining Band: The Gutter Twins (a Jose Gonzalez cover)

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gary griffin said...

mark has more soul, charisma, experience, balls...need i go on?...than b.h.o.
jus' sayin'...