Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Q: Your style is often rough-edged, and you talk about seeking surrender and vulnerability, shooting depression and sadness. Yet some of your work is quite romantic. How does that all go together?

A: Perhaps my definition of romanticism is full of surrender and sadness, ultimately, I've been battling with that my entire life - I am drawn to "sad" music and "depressing" films. I don't know, those are just labels. I guess misery loves company, but only to a certain extent. I do appreciate melancholy. I don't necessarily enjoy living through it, but to me those feelings are much more human than happiness. When I see someone who is "happy" all the time, I am immediately suspicious.

- From "Some Of This Is True"
© Luxxus Press

And if God hears all of my questions, how come there's never an answer?

Cover Star: Marie
Headlining Band: Lips

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Howard said...

You never hear an answer 'case she is pissed at us earthlings and what we have done to each other and the planet. Other than that...