Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For, Even If You Have To Fight Yourself

Q: What personal satisfaction do you get from this?

A: Who doesn't want to be famous? Who wouldn't like to be Jim Morrison for a few hours? It's gratifying to be recognized by your peers or mentors, but really, I do this because I have no choice. There's something ingrained in my DNA that compels me to create imagery. It's not so much personal satisfaction as it is relief. And yes, I would like to leave behind a body of work, because as I mentioned, mortality does play a huge part in this.

- From "Some Of This Is True"
© Luxxus Press

I'm waging war on myself,
Like a punch in the heart...

Cover Star: Mortality
Headlining Band: My beloved Kinks

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brooke lynne said...

Often those are the most important things in the world.