Saturday, November 21, 2009

T Minus Five and Counting...

I had a long conversation tonight with my friend Marko about NASA.
And it's relevance. Now (and ever).

Do you know that they "bombed" the moon a couple of weeks ago to look for water?
While people are dying of thirst.
Do you know that "they" twitter?
WTF? My tax money is being spent on twittering?

Does this bother anyone else but me - "Hey there! NASA is using Twitter."

"Hey there!"??? Seems like NASA might have something more important to do. Like fix fire alarms.

This tweet from "2 hours ago" - really -

"False alarms sounded around 10p EST aboard the space station, awakening the crew. Mission Control verified they're false. Everyone is safe."


Well, god fucking bless! One day they'll figure out how to keep those FIRE alarms from malfunctioning, I swear they will! (Double A batteries?) Go back to sleep astronauts, your government is in control. And really, only two space shuttles out of how many - exploded. And killed EVERYONE on board.

I know, it's the price we must pay for FREEDOM, or at least the price to beat other countries to being FIRST, or to find water on the moon. Yeah...

And these are the guys (or sons and daughters of the guys) that "actually" landed a man (or men, if you believe them) on the moon.

With Double A batteries.

Marko was quick to point out that the phones in both of our pockets are more powerful computers than those that were used for the Apollo missions.

We decided that basically the space shuttle program is a FREE tow truck service for the wealthy corporations that need their satellites repaired.

Anyway, nevermind. Just! hahaha!


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A. said...

Five days ;) Meow. Gonna be an adventure, James Graham x

Tessa Chernoi said...

Coincidentally, a high ranking spokesperson for NASA is called Kelly Humphries... ;)

Model Sarah said...

Go back to bed America.

D. Lavery said...

lol... Well did you know that in the Aviation community it's
jokingly said (often) that NASA stands for: Never Attempt Space travel Again...
Think about it, last time we sent a person to the moon, room sized computers had less capability than out iPhones :)