Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Any Similarity...

...between the last three shots?

Did'jah notice?

Photo is of Stacy, who is my new hero.

Today, she stood on THE FETID CHAIR, she posed with her new camera, she knowingly tolerated my Virgo craziness, she offered me presents, and she consistently takes a badass photo herself.

I love taking photos of female photographers...

...and Stacy rocks!

It's officially my new series.


hypolux said...

I always knew you were a smart guy ;)

Sarah said...

Which means I need to be a part of this new series correct?


Anonymous said...


Killer photos as always bud. I'm looking forward to hanging some when you get into town. So far, other than You and Me, the other photographers from the Taschen book that are sending pieces to me are Dave Naz, Jeremy MF Thompson and Becky Tillet. Chip Willis said yes at first...then backed out..our loss. I just heard back from Aaron Hawks, he may be sending me something as well. But I believe its just you and me that will be in physical attendence. Still working on some sort of Tie in..since the books wont be out yet...none will be there for sale (unless the Promo guy pulls through for me). But the Dirty Show is very excited to have works from all of us, and wants to highlight us all in some way.

On another note, I spoke with Eric Kroll today and he said the books will be shipping soon (our copies). Dian said the official release date in the US is Mar 4th I believe...just a bit late for the Dirty Show..oh well. It will be out a full month before that in europe.

Lets talk..I think you have my phone number..give me a yell.

BT Charles

Anonymous said...

me too!


aeric said...

i might have one for you... a female photographer, that is. i'll email you.