Monday, January 01, 2007

I Wanna Destroy You

That's how I feel about 2006.

Holidays over. Happy New Year, here.
2006 was not such a bad year for me personally, in fact, it was a very good year.
But as far as the world went, boy, what a turd 2006 was...

I cannot speak about the world in 2007, I can only try to make a difference with the things I do and the things I believe in.

Although, the fucking world is doomed.

2007 does hold promise for me personally. This month begins the serious onslaught to get a rep, a gallery, and my first monograph out there. I've been invited to participate in the Dirty Detroit show the second week in February and I've decided to exhibit three new pieces that I shot last week - not even back from the lab yet, but I'm fairly confident. It also looks like there may be a Taschen photographers promo event there that I will be taking place in, although that has yet to be confirmed. I only have three shoots scheduled for 2007, as I've decided to focus on the work outlined above, and catch up on my backlog of retouching and to sit back and take a good hard look at where I was, am and where I'm headed.

My style has broadened noticeably. And I sort of feel like I could go anywhere. I've been enjoying shooting lately with less planning and more spontaneity. My ratio is less, but those that are good are good in a different sort of way for me.

I acquired a Mamiya 645 medium format system and a Nikon F5 over the holidays. Serious new toys that I can't wait to start incorporating into my work. So, naked girls, beware!

Been listening to 2006 tunes all day in preparation for my annual Best of List of Music that I dig. I'll work on it this week - all sorts of goodies like The Keene Bros., Tool, Thom, stay tuned.

"The way we treat each other
Really makes me feel ill
And if you're gonna fight
Then you're just dying to get killed."

The title of this entry and the quote is an old kick-ass Soft Boys song.
The photo is Uma and Vittoria.
An example of the "new stuff" for me.
They were not fighting.


Anonymous said...

I really admire that you are sticking to film, and a 645 no less. Might be at Dirty Detroit as well (guess I'll hear yay or nay by mid January.)

Anonymous said...


It's going to be great having you exhibit here at Dirty. Still working on the Taschen Tie in to the show, Dian was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction, we should know somthing soon. I understand through a little birdie that you may be in attendence. Very cool, lets make sure we spend some time together. Its a cool little fraternity we belong to.

Ill keep an eye out for your pieces...

BT Charles

IranianLuvGoddess said...

ooooh..everyone's gonna be at the dirty detroit show I hear!...One of my pics from Frank Piccolo was accepted. Might be able to make it there, depending upon the work situation...

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... it's such a small incestuous little world :) I'm Frank's other "piece" at the show - lol. I really hope to see everybody there!!!