Saturday, January 20, 2007

Random Chair

OK, so it finally got cold here in NYC and I mean REAL FUCKING COLD!

Got the three chair shots back from Duggal - surprisingly competitively affordable, even reasonable, being that they printed, mounted, framed and shipped them to Detroit. They are gorgeous and they are for sale!

Just found out my long lost brother, Chip Willis (see link to the right), will be at the Detroit show too, which is awesome. We've chatted on the phone, emailed each other like crazy but have never met, which is weird for brothers... But we'll rectify that on the weekend of February 9th. I'm really looking forward to meeting Mr. "I am not mean at all!" There will be drinks in order...

Worked on chairs today, which brings my total to 18. And I'm shooting one tomorrow. I figure for 13 strong ones, I'll probably end up shooting about 20. I've already got three that due to various circumstances, do not adhere to the rules of the series, so really I've got 15...

This is a new one with Liz. She sat for me (or stood) right before XMAS and as she works at a major 5th Avenue department store, dealing with all the idiots doing their holiday shopping, I think standing on a chair with just boots on was a welcome change for her...


Chip Willis said...

Brutha from another mutha!

Sarah said...

Now my two favorite photographers are going to be there!

James, we will MAKE Chip drink wine.

BT Charles said...


Here they are...

The Magnificent 7

- Alethea Austin
- BT Charles
- James Graham
- Dave Naz
- Jeremy MF Thompson
- Rebecca Tillett
- Chip Willis

There they are, listed in alphabetical order. These 7 photographers will be exhibiting at The Dirty Show 8.0. They represent almost 10% of the photographers featured in the NEW book titled The New Erotic Photography Book published by Taschen Publishing.

see ya in a few weeks