Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here's my quote: "Wait a minute Basil, I have to buy the book?"

Dear James

We are delighted to announce your nominated image has been selected to be
published in our first book "The World's Greatest Black & White Photography, No. 1".

The book showcases over 450 of the most outstanding images from the Awards
and is accompanied by comments and quotes from photographers and panel members.

Your submitted Spider Awards entry entitled "Pigtails" has been selected to be published as part of the collection. To participate and have your work published in the book, please submit a high resolution image in jpeg format at 300dpi resolution, size 8x10 inches before January 15, 2007.


If you would like to submit a quote to be considered for publication, please email your comments on black & white photography (comments should be about black & white photography, its power of expression, what it means to you, etc., or even a quote from a favorite photographer) before January 15, 2007.

Congratulations once again on your achievement.

Best wishes,

Basil O'Brien
Creative Director

Black and White Spider Awards

Photo is of me by my very talented friend Sanders McNew. Google him as he's being elusive right now as to his portfolio...

And the answer is "no" - all published photographers get a free copy of the book...

Thanks, Basil!


India said...

So is this, like, the National Library of Poetry of the photography scene? The copywriting on their Web site is horrendous, even if "you" ignore how "often" they "use" scare quotes.

Sarah said...

Well after all that bitching he finally gave you "your shots" ;)