Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Cannot Kickstart a Dead Horse

Thom Yorke wrote that. Doesn't really mean anything about the following. I just like it.

And in regards to the dead horse, you can't, you know...

Picked the three shots for Dirty Detroit tonight. Been going back and forth, looking at old stuff and then at new stuff, then at really, really old stuff, then...

...I decided to premiere three pieces of a new series.

In color.

Getting them printed tomorrow (or the next day) and framed and shipped off to fellow Taschen “New Erotica” photographer BT Charles, who is solely responsible for my exhibiting at the show. Thanks, man!

I hear Giger is also exhibiting. Yeah, THAT Giger.

And more importantly, a bunch of friends and some folks that it will finally be good to meet in person.

I haven’t been to Detroit since the 1997 Auto Show. And that’s a whole ‘nother story…

"Do yourself a favour and pack your bags
Buy a ticket and get on the train
Cause this is fucked up, fucked up"

Thom Yorke wrote that too.

His album, "The Eraser" is high in my Top Ten Records of 2006 list.
Coming soon.

Photo is of Stacy last night, during THE FETID CHAIR shoot, ruining the chair shoot.

"Is this the Limelight, circa 1995?"

Clearly not...

I love her for it! I was howling as I took this.

And we DID get the REAL shot and it kicks ass.


Stacy Leigh said...

I had soooooooooo much fun. I swear- it was sorta' empowering. I love the results James. Awesome stuff. I had no issues being totally fact I liked it, I feel all artsy now.

Dave Levingston said...


I've been following your blog since D. Brian turned me on to it. I'll have a print in the Dirty Show and will probably be there Friday night. Would love to meet you if you are there then.

Dave Levingston

Anonymous said...


I have in fact kick-started a dead horse.... was a long time ago, maybe I pull started a dead remember..I jump started a Chevy Vega once...yea...that was it. I knew it was somthing like that.

See ya next month.(you as well Dave)

Anonymous said...

wow!! congrats

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this- NJ from LJ