Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why Does Evil Trash Come Out At Night?

This is one of the greatest things I've ever read.

Courtesy today by my bestest pal Toby who's been working on a novel about North Carolina rednecks for about 15 years now...(see link to the right). Get writin', Toby!!!

There's a really good chance that I went to High School with this psycho or painted houses with him or...

I graduated from Apex Senior High in 1986. Not at the top of my class, but not too far from the top either. I was forced to take Drama class by my Honors English teacher Mrs. Mims in exchange for doing my Senior paper as my own Super-8mm take on Stephen Crane's "The Red Badge of Courage."

So I did the make-up for "Sweeney Todd" - a lot of blood - which was cool as shit. But then she asked me to "dance" as one of the "Farmboys" in "Gypsy" which I did, much to my chagrin.

(Why the hell was a High School in the rural South putting on plays about a murderer and a prostitute? Nonetheless, obviously it had an impact on my future work...)

But I got to make my film. Me and Jeff and Andy shooting each other with BB guns and a lot of ketchupy blood.

When I showed it in class on my Super-8mm projector with the sorta synchronized cassette tape soundtrack, it went over like "Citizen Kane."

I don't even have a photograph to illustrate this rant. But I do have the film - somewhere...

Rednecks. Rural South. Murder. Whoring. Dancing Farmboys.

Maybe I should dig a little deeper into my creative psyche?


As a placeholder, here's another shot of Katy.

Deal with it...and forgive me. Too drunk, too drunk...

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theda said...

i've seen both sweeny todd and gypsey and i don't recall any whores in either. serial killers, canabilism, gang rape, strippers and child brides, yes, but no prostitutes. but i do remember dancing farmboys.