Friday, March 07, 2008

Some of my Rock 'n' Roll Moments...Part III

- I got my sister really good tickets to see her favorite band at the time, Men At Work. She thought I was god. She's moved on to Radiohead and Ween, which is a good thing.

- Drunkenly wandered into Arlene's Grocery one night and Midge Ure from Ultravox was playing. I was sad for him.

- Drunkenly wandered into the old Knitting Factory on Houston Street one night and John Zorn and Arto Lindsay were playing. I was elated.

- Passed up an opportunity to see Nirvana at Sony Studios do their UNPLUGGED show. Big mistake.

- Turned down a free ticket to see Nirvana play their last show in NYC at The Coliseum (RIP). Ditto.

- Hung out with Vernon Reid a lot. I've lost touch with him, but at the time I urged him to suck it up and make bank with Living Color again.

- My former multimedia company did the first website for Muse. They were cute as hell, and at their first NYC showcase show, this guy in front of me kept flailing around and bashing into me. I got sick of it and told him to stop being a dick. It was Anthony Kiedis and he politely moved behind me.

- As a surprise I took my father to see two of his heroes, Chet Atkins and then later, Les Paul.

- One weekend, Jim Jones, Pere Ubu's guitarist, drove me all over Cleveland giving me a personal tour of the history of the band. I took a picture of him taking a picture of the Rock 'n' Roll hall of Fame, a building, that to the best of my knowledge, Pere Ubu is not represented in.

- I wrote and directed a 35mm black and white film in 1993 starring Richard Hell. We shot in CBGB's Pizza. He was compensated exactly $50.00 and two tuna fish sandwiches. When my gaffer asked me what the film was about, Richard spoke up and pointing at me, said, "him." He was right.

Sundae again. The guitar was given to me by my friend Dino, who has a birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday, man. I miss you.


theda said...

You fucking suck. My rock'n'roll moments are limited to seeing a very bloated (nearly dead) Joey Ramone in shoe store and not recognizing him and being hit on a by a very drunk Mike Thorne.

BLISS said...

lol .... I feel like such a damn bore ....

Tanya said...

dude, that was a great read.
my 1st rock & roll memory was seeing Power Station in Prov RI, with out R Palmer, and standing in for him was the actor Michael Debares, eh i was there for John Taylor anyway.....

Collin J. Rae said...

Few more of mine...went and saw Eurythmics in 1984...Dave Stewart took me and my band mates out for drinks, Play a showcase in London in 1989, Lush opened for us, Got all kinda of fucked up with Robin Guthrie, Went and saw Squeeze in 1983, they tried to pick up our girlfriends = (, 1984 met and hung with the Go-Gos, they were RAD!, Hung with Mick Harvey after a Crime and the City Solution show in Columbus Ohio in 1984...also RAD, got his home address in Berlin. Before I joined Ultra Vivid Scene I went to Boston with them to open fo r the Pixies, hung around, drank, laughed, I used to love the pixies.