Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cigarette Burning, Wine Waiting...

I'm reading "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" - the Warren Zevon biography supposedly written by his ex-wife Crystal.

It's sad. It begins with his death. On the way to White Plains, on the train the other night, I started crying...

I saw him live twice, way too late. Both times at the Paradise in Boston.

My friend Toby saw him tons of times, and he compelled me to see him when I could.

Warren is right up there for me with Thompson and Bukowski.

Forget "Werewolves Of London."

Listen to the rest.

"It's been a good night, not saying good night, jus' sayin'."

Here's Meagan Marie again. Fucked up negatives and all.


Iksodas said...

Send Lawyers, guns And money

Collin J. Rae said...

Thought i'd check in and check you out, the Zevon film they made of the end of his life was fucking amazing and heartbreaking. This Past Friday night...22...taller than I...amazing...however it's Sunday now.